Guilt Provocation

Have you been in a relationship where you KNOW the other person is not good for you and you feel like you are unheard and disregarded but can’t quite articulate what the problem is? You might be up against someone who is using guilt as a manipulation tactic. How guilt is used Everyone uses guiltContinue reading “Guilt Provocation”

The Toxic Cycle

I’ve been seeing in various groups lately and on some of my other social media conversations about Toxic cycles in relationships. This is one of the most difficult dynamics to break free from and recover from because it sneaks up on you. I’ve spoken before about the addictive qualities some relationships have. The reaction inContinue reading “The Toxic Cycle”


Good communication is beneficial in various aspects of life. When you think about getting along in life, it seems to be the people who have excellent communication skills that tend to rise to the top. Communication is an exchange of information. In relationships, it is the way you convey your wants and needs to otherContinue reading “Communication”


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