The Pursuit of Happiness

Don’t Chase a ManDid you know there’s a difference between chasing and pursuing? I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about games like don’t text him too soon. Don’t call him too quickly. It is getting so confusing in the dating world that people just want to plain and simply forget about it. But there’s definitelyContinue reading “The Pursuit of Happiness”

Dating Profiles 101

When writing a dating profile, it’s important to know a few things about yourself before you do. It’s also good to be prepared to self reflect a bit. Are you able to really look at yourself and see what others might see when they read your profile? Pictures The swipe culture really makes it toughContinue reading “Dating Profiles 101”

Diamond Mentality

Cultivate Your Worth I’ve got three daughters. I have always tried to figure out the perfect way to teach them to know their worth. It’s not easy. Building self esteem is a big responsibility. So many things can go wrong and over ride my teaching. The world often portrays the illusion of little girls whoContinue reading “Diamond Mentality”

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