Dating Profiles 101

When writing a dating profile, it’s important to know a few things about yourself before you do. It’s also good to be prepared to self reflect a bit. Are you able to really look at yourself and see what others might see when they read your profile?


The swipe culture really makes it tough to represent yourself in pictures. How do you protray all the wonderful aspects of you in photos. How do you ensure that they not only swipe right, but that they will actually strike up a conversation after? Yes, we all know looks aren”t everything – but they are still something.

Firstly, please please please HAVE a photo! If you’re on a dating site it makes absolutely no sense to NOT have photos You’re there because you want to meet someone. The only way to meet someone is to show your face! I know some people use the excuse they don’t want to be seen because of their job however, if you’re being honest you shouldn’t really care about that. What would you be concerned about your colleagues knowing. They likely already know that you’re single and truthfully, dating sites are so mainstream it’s likely others in your workplace have been on them as well.

It’s a great idea to have a photos that show you in a few different aspects of your life. Perhaps a photo out on the town or doing an activity you love. Something that might show a bit of your personality and give someone something to ask questions about.

You might LOVE smoking weed but having a joint hanging out of your mouth in your photos probably isn’t the best way to get someone to pounce at the opportunity to get to know you.


Avoid writing a list of what you DON’T want. When you do this it tells people what you’ve already had and doesn’t focus on what you actually want. Keep your profile positive. There’s lots of time and space for you to share what you’ve been through if it really is necessary, but sometimes less is more in that department.

Write some quirky fun facts about yourself. Think of what your friends would say about you and if you don’t know, be brave and ask them. Maybe you’re awesome at making home made tacos, or you’re a world champion at playing Jenga. Put fun facts in there. Keep it light and leave room for conversation.


Speaking of that, the first conversation is likely not the best time to talk about all your crap. Seriously. There are a lot of wonderfully compassionate people out there but the beginning stages of getting to know someone is NOT the time to talk about all the things that have gone wrong. If you’re ready to be on a new relationship journey with someone I would think that you could see the value of positivity and moving forward in every way, even in your conversations.

Let’s face it, the dating world has become somewhat impersonal and complex. It is difficult to put yourself out there and in the sea of people. Trust yourself and know what you want. Keep it simple and positive. You can fill in the gaps later. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and strike up that first conversation!

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I am passionate about learning about people and what makes them tick. I currently work in the Social Work field. I have always loved working with people and enjoy seeing people reach their potential. For a more interactive experience join my Facebook Group Talks with Tara

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