First Time Meet N Greet Conversations

It’s amazing how many people forget to have conversation manners. When we are excited about who we are talking to sometimes we can’t wait to tell them all the things we have to say. When you’re first meeting someone it’s actually important to do more listening than talking.

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Try to evaluate how you are in conversation. Do you fire off a thousand questions like your company is part of some kind of inquisition? Do you ask a question, listen for the response and offer some flow to the dialogue? It’s good to be interested ad inquisitive but both people should have the opportunity to ask some questions.

When you talk about things are you genuinely interested in what the other person has to say or are you just trying to be INTERESTING. Think about that for a moment. Some people are naturally good talkers and can ham it up no matter who they are sitting across from however, when you’re first meeting someone this might come off as more of a performance, rather than a get to know you session. You should be INTERESTED in the person you’re hanging out with and taking the time to share the space.

It’s fun to get to know new people and can be quite an adventure. Hopefully you are able to remember to not try to be the smartest person in the room all the time. First time conversations aren’t for you to impart all your wisdom upon someone. This could be taken as a condescending trait and they don’t know you yet, so they aren’t really ready to trust you as an advice expert.

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Limit your judgemental commentary during the first meeting. You’re just meeting the person and even if they say some stuff you don’t agree with, decide how much energy you’re really willing to give to this person. Sometimes it’s simply easier to walk away saying, “we aren’t a match” and leave it at that.

I know you’re awesome. The person you’re going to meet will likely be awesome too but it’s important to find a balance with your confidence and have balanced conversations by being an excellent conversation partner.

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