The Pursuit of Happiness

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Don’t Chase a Man
Did you know there’s a difference between chasing and pursuing? I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about games like don’t text him too soon. Don’t call him too quickly. It is getting so confusing in the dating world that people just want to plain and simply forget about it. But there’s definitely some ways to narrow things down.

What it looks like when you Chase a Man
When you chase a man you’re simply doing most of the work without a whole lot of reciprocation. Always starting the conversation on text or initiating the calls. You’re coming up with the times to get together or date ideas and planning it and making it happen. You’re the one extending your hand in most every scenario while he just appears to be along for the ride…..

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What it looks like when you Pursue a Man
Now I know after all that info it’s confusing how one might define pursuit. Pursuit is something one should engage in but it goes both ways. Sometimes you’re the good morning texter and sometimes he is. You both make effort to communicate and spend time together. He’s not always only calling you on his drive to and from places, acting as if you’re just passing the time. You make time in your day to talk but also have balance in your life and don’t stop everything for him. There is a natural balance and flow to the interactions. Men actually like being pursued and want to know you are into them. It’s okay to put that out there in an alluring way.

Be Captivating
I read a book years ago called Captivating and it truly spoke to my heart. I loved that word ever since and knew that at some point a man who would steal my heart would find me fun, adventurous, smart, witty, playful and most of all captivating. There’s something about the thought of someone finding me charming and being able to hold their attention that just drives me wild. Women are powerful creatures, who can be charming just like men. It’s so much easier to tap into your authentic self when you feel empowered.

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Challenge Yourself
In the next while think of how you can try to pursue someone rather than chase. Have some self control and really evaluate whether you are chasing a man or pursuing him. Making small little changes can create a difference in your life. I would love to hear about your successes!

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