When to Stop Having Contact with your EX!

You’re obsessed with their Social Media

Okay so maybe you aren’t obsessed with their social media but you notice every thing they post and it drives you CRAZY watching them do things without you. On social media it looks like they’ve moved on without a care in the world. It sucks seeing them smile and laugh and it’s not with you. You start to build a story in your mind about what they are doing and who they are with. STOP just STOP.
It’s not helping you at all to be looking at their life on a social media thread and letting it hinder you from moving on. You can’t heal if you are still daydreaming about what could have been. Things went wrong for a reason and of course he’s putting up pictures of smiles and great times – that’s what everyone does!!!!

They don’t help you move forward

Some people become stagnint when they are in a relationship. Do you notice that you stop pursuing your goals when you are with this person? Do they tend to distract you so much that you don’t get much of anything done? What about the time you told them about a new project you were supposed to start and they said all sorts of amazing supportive things, but didn’t really support you in getting to it.Beyond that, having this person in your life might be stopping you from finding your perfect person. While you’re still talking to them and keeping the door somewhat open, you might not be looking elsewhere. Perhaps there is a part of you that hopes they’ll still text and say hello or you tend to fall into the cycle of sleeping with them again. This is preventing you from moving on and in essence means, you need to cut them off!

They hinder you from your happiness

You’ve had a great day. Some big successes have happened and you just can’t wait to tell this person. You get on the phone and share your big news and they are super happy for you. You celebrate over the phone and plan some time together this weekend to celebrate.
You’re riding this high and suddenly, later in the evening during a text conversation things seem to turn. They start being negative and you notice a change in tone. You’re confused and you begin to ask what’s up and they accuse you of being needy and wanting to start crap.
After all this good news and your feelings of happiness that you shared this significant other just knocks you right down. They just can’t let you be happy for one day without stealing your smile from you. You notice a trend, this happens almost every single time something good happens for you and it’s not about them.
They are a happiness stealer and you need to let them go. This cycle will never end. They want to be the reason you smile and laugh and if it has nothing to do with them, they aren’t going to let you have it. You’re worth more than that. Their praise is only temporary.

They try to make you jealous

You start to notice they are more and more obvious about looking at other people walking by. You might hear them mention particular attributes that you don’t have such as their affection for blonde hair when you are brunette. Perhaps passing comments about certain fashion trends they like that have nothing to do with your style. Maybe they say things about the people at work that are giving them extra attention
Listen, a person who truly wants to be with you won’t try to make you jealous – they will try to make others jealous of you. They should treat you like number one all the time and not down play all the wonderful things that you are. If they are treating you like you are second in line – kick them to the curb. You deserve to be the ONE, not one of many!

Time to cut them off – You’re worth it!

When in a relationship you shouldn’t have to guess about where you stand. Both people should be clear about how they feel towards each other and make each other a priority. If you are second guessing or being used as a back up it’s time to move on. This is not good for self worth or your mental health. Block the from texting and calling and take the off all your social media. It’s hard to do and takes some self control, but after the initial grief stage you will start to feel empowered. Find supportive positive people who can help keep you on track and hold you accountable. You deserve the best!!!

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