The Toxic Cycle

I’ve been seeing in various groups lately and on some of my other social media conversations about Toxic cycles in relationships. This is one of the most difficult dynamics to break free from and recover from because it sneaks up on you. I’ve spoken before about the addictive qualities some relationships have. The reaction inContinue reading “The Toxic Cycle”

I’ve Been Betrayed. Will I Ever Get Over It

One of the toughest things to deal with in relationships is betrayal. Unfortunately sometimes people do things to one another that hurt so deeply. Maybe someone cheated on you, maybe they weren’t truthful about their work life or past issues. In any case. once something like this has happened its easy to believe it couldContinue reading “I’ve Been Betrayed. Will I Ever Get Over It”

Will I Ever Find Someone?

So many singles out there have the fear that they will never meet someone. The online dating apps have changed the way we meet people so drastically and sometimes it feels like you have more failures than successes. Now with the pandemic in play it’s that much more awkward trying to figure it all out.Continue reading “Will I Ever Find Someone?”

I Keep Dating Unavailable People How Can I Stop?

The Cycle Begins Ah the rush of the perfect connection. It’s amazing when you go on that first coffee meet n greet and end up on a marathon date. You have so much in common, you seem to share the same wit and charm and the conversation never stood still. You date for a whileContinue reading “I Keep Dating Unavailable People How Can I Stop?”

There Aren’t Generic Relationship Rules

Starting a new relationship can be fun, exciting, adventurous and invigorating. It also can be confusing, scary, anxiety inducing and disheartening. The way in which you proceed can make a big difference in how you come out on the other side. Stop Looking To Ohers To Make Up Your Mind First let’s get something straight.Continue reading “There Aren’t Generic Relationship Rules”

The not so Perfect One

You find yourself single AGAIN and you feel ready to check out some dating sites. You end up on match and start browsing the sea of profiles. You scroll and scroll and suddenly you see a familiar face. A Blast from the Past Remember that guy from years ago when you were out of thatContinue reading “The not so Perfect One”

When You Find Out They’re Married

It can be so fun to meet new people and date. Think back to that first string of messages and then perhaps the very first phone call where you really seemed to hit it off. You had a smile on your face the whole time and you couldnt wait until the next time you talked.Continue reading “When You Find Out They’re Married”

When to Stop Having Contact with your EX!

You’re obsessed with their Social Media Okay so maybe you aren’t obsessed with their social media but you notice every thing they post and it drives you CRAZY watching them do things without you. On social media it looks like they’ve moved on without a care in the world. It sucks seeing them smile andContinue reading “When to Stop Having Contact with your EX!”