There Aren’t Generic Relationship Rules

Starting a new relationship can be fun, exciting, adventurous and invigorating. It also can be confusing, scary, anxiety inducing and disheartening. The way in which you proceed can make a big difference in how you come out on the other side. Stop Looking To Ohers To Make Up Your Mind First let’s get something straight.Continue reading “There Aren’t Generic Relationship Rules”

The not so Perfect One

You find yourself single AGAIN and you feel ready to check out some dating sites. You end up on match and start browsing the sea of profiles. You scroll and scroll and suddenly you see a familiar face. A Blast from the Past Remember that guy from years ago when you were out of thatContinue reading “The not so Perfect One”

When You Find Out They’re Married

It can be so fun to meet new people and date. Think back to that first string of messages and then perhaps the very first phone call where you really seemed to hit it off. You had a smile on your face the whole time and you couldnt wait until the next time you talked.Continue reading “When You Find Out They’re Married”

When to Stop Having Contact with your EX!

You’re obsessed with their Social Media Okay so maybe you aren’t obsessed with their social media but you notice every thing they post and it drives you CRAZY watching them do things without you. On social media it looks like they’ve moved on without a care in the world. It sucks seeing them smile andContinue reading “When to Stop Having Contact with your EX!”

When they move on too Fast

Break ups are so hard. I’ve been there. It hurts the most when they want to break up and move on and you don’t. You’re left thinking so many things and it can be such a confusing, all consuming time. They weren’t YOUR right person Part of the problem is that you’ve somehow convinced yourselfContinue reading “When they move on too Fast”

The Pursuit of Happiness

Don’t Chase a ManDid you know there’s a difference between chasing and pursuing? I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about games like don’t text him too soon. Don’t call him too quickly. It is getting so confusing in the dating world that people just want to plain and simply forget about it. But there’s definitelyContinue reading “The Pursuit of Happiness”

First Time Meet N Greet Conversations

It’s amazing how many people forget to have conversation manners. When we are excited about who we are talking to sometimes we can’t wait to tell them all the things we have to say. When you’re first meeting someone it’s actually important to do more listening than talking. Try to evaluate how you are inContinue reading “First Time Meet N Greet Conversations”

Diamond Mentality

Cultivate Your Worth I’ve got three daughters. I have always tried to figure out the perfect way to teach them to know their worth. It’s not easy. Building self esteem is a big responsibility. So many things can go wrong and over ride my teaching. The world often portrays the illusion of little girls whoContinue reading “Diamond Mentality”