It’s a crazy place out there in the dating world. From apps that cater to the hook up culture, to elderly dating and everything in between. It’s hard to know what to do when it seems you’ve tried EVERYTHING and still haven’t found your perfect match.

What if it was closer to home than you thought? Sometimes a little outside perspective and self reflection can go a long way. Have you ever considered having a wingman?

Is your dating profile the same profile you’ve used for years and years and years? Perhaps it’s time to update those photos and get a friend to read your stuff? If you’re using online dating to meet someone it is the first place people have an opportunity to encounter you and what you’re all about. Who is better than your friends and family to determine if it really reflects you?!?!

Try to be positive in your profile. Listing off all the things you dont’ want actually tells people right from the beginning all about what you’ve had before (or what you THINK you did). It has a negative flare and likely won’t entice someone to talk to you more.

Try to put some fun facts about yourself that would open conversation. People will want ways to start a conversation with you and this can open doors to asking good questions.

When someone does contact you try not to talk about all your life issues. Those things can come out at some point but right now, they don’t even know you yet. Also, it’s a great idea to actively listen. Even on text you can show you are paying attenton by actually answering questions that are asked. Try to be INTERESTED rather than INTERESTING!!!! There’s a big difference.

If you want more tips keep reading my blog where there will be regular updated information. Also, please reach out to me if you’d like a one on one coaching session or just to chat about your journey. You can message me through the site or connect with me via my Facebook Talks with Tara:)

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